Music is my attempt to connect with the listener on a human level with the intention of communicating an emotion, an experience, or an idea. My instrumental compositions aim to synthesize a sonic story that can be ingested, interpreted and understood by humans, universally.

wooden hand guitar logo by kyle horn

Who is Kyle Horn?

  • New York City based guitarist.
  • Primarily composes instrumental acoustic guitar music but he also writes with the electric guitar, drums, and piano.
  • FRETMONKEY records recording artist
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What is Guitarification?

  • Guitarification is an online learning hub for guitarists of all skill levels.
  • It includes the essential guitar basics that every player should know, like tuning and playing your first chord.
  • Guitarification also includes advanced lessons, gear reviews, exclusive articles, and interviews.
  • If you want to request a specific topic to be covered, send Kyle a message here.
  • Guitarification will be live starting in early 2017.